Hip hop is originated in the American, referred to as many different kinds of dance and produce street culture or music style based on different,p90 plan the earliesthip-hop dance locking, originated in twentieth century sixty 's. (Note: the hip hopEnglish translation and only the street dance this one, hip hop is just one of them), the action is composed of various walk, run, jump combination, and through the head, neck, shoulder, upper limb, trunk and the joint flexion, rotation,circling, shimmy, wave twist such the combination of coherent, every action has its special fitness effect, not only pay attention to the coordination of upper and lower limbs, abdomen and back, head and trunk movement, and attention to each aspect of the composition of each part of the independence movement. 80years into China, and gradually spread to the the fitness activities. Hip Hop(street dance or street dancing) was born in twentieth century sixty at the end of the 1960s,p90 online is.

America black city slum dance, in the seventy's it was concluded the hip hopculture (hip hop culture) is a part of the performance, has the strong,participation and competition.

The beginning of the 1992, the emergence of the "place of the hip-hop, it is not those big range of motion and the pace of moving, no more breakdance in similar to those of gymnastics on the ground motion. Its unique style is to pay attention to the body 's coordination, pay attention to the rhythm and the upper part of the body increased a lot of head, hand movements. We can see this newstyle are Mike Jackson, Mary Kelly, the Backstreet Boys dance in MTV. Hip hopdancing people focus, can cultivate one's willpower, but also enable the brain to miss force, creativity into full play. Hip hop graceful arbitrarily, the appeal is to the body of the vigour of deep feeling,p90 coupon often practice can also enhance the body coordination. Hip hop is a kind of low intensity aerobic exercise, have a certainweight loss, one hour after the exercise the role of body fat consumption. Do not ignore Oh! Koreans can dance as one of the three major national classicaldance, because can let children of the comprehensive development of virtue,wisdom, body of the people, make a contribution to society of people.

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